There are three main conditions that an accredited training company must support:

Condition 1 – The Code of Practice

EuropeActive Code of Practice for training providers


First introduced in the Copenhagen Declaration of 2002, the concept of improving third-party verification of VET providers has become part of EuropeActive’s (formerly European Health and Fitness Association) policy to help professionalise the fitness sector. Improving the consistency and quality of training delivered will help to ensure there are sufficiently skilled exercise professionals in the right places, so the fitness industry is able to safeguard and to promote the health and interests of the people who use their services.

At an individual level skilled exercise professionals are recognised by the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS). Registration means that an exercise professional has met the agreed prescribed minimum standards of good practice, including the adoption of a Code of Ethical Practice and that they are committed to raising standards through a process of personal career professional development.

EREPS and the EuropeActive accreditation of training provider programmes are regulated by EuropeActive’s Professional Standards Committee through the accepted European Fitness Sector Qualification Framework (SQF) which is referenced to the European Qualification Framework (EQF).

EuropeActive Accreditation of Training Providers

EuropeActive has developed a system of quality assurance that has been in use since 2007, and has successfully accredited over 100 training companies. During the accreditation process each submission has been considered on its merits by independent verifiers who have evaluated content and ensured that the programmes are fit for purpose in producing graduates that can demonstrate the necessary skills and competence required and identified in the learning outcomes of the EuropeActive Standards.

The EuropeActive Standards have been agreed as the minimum requirements for an individual to be called an exercise professional and which makes them eligible for registration with EREPS and the national registers working within its Programme.

The Code of Practice for EuropeActive Accredited Training Providers

The Purpose of the Code:

This Code of Practice embodies the responsibilities and professional standards and aims to clarify the training providers’ role in setting a benchmark for an acceptable standard of provision to support the objectives of EuropeActive and EREPS members and in positively contributing to the professionalising of the European fitness sector.

Upon the date of application to EuropeActive to become an accredited Training Provider, the terms and conditions noted below will come into effect and become binding and enforceable to both the Training Provider and EuropeActive.

All EuropeActive accredited training providers will:

  • Be established training providers already delivering training and assessment within the Active Leisure Sector
  • Underpin and uphold the principles of EuropeActive and its Professional Standards Committee, and the mission and objectives of EREPS and its own Code of Ethical Practice.
  • Work with other partners to both promote and to protect the integrity of EREPS and EuropeActive and to seek so far as it is possible the commonality of standards in the interests of securing appropriate professional conduct by exercise professionals.
  • Pay the EREPS registration fee to EuropeActive for all successful graduates of EuropeActive accredited programmes for their first year of registration. This cost should be included in the price paid by learners to take the EuropeActive accredited course/s.
  • All learners should be informed about the inclusion and benefits of EREPS membership before and throughout their studies.
  • Seek accreditation for a stated “home” country as the main delivery country and apply for separate satellite or affiliate accreditation for all delivery outside the “home” country.
  • Not apply for separate satellite or affiliate accreditation for delivery outside the “home” country for a minimum period of 12 months from the date their accreditation was given. A period that could be extended to 2 years if deemed necessary by the accreditation team.
  • Comply with all requests for information, evidence, access to graduates and staff as deemed appropriate by EuropeActive.  
  • Provide assistance, on request from EuropeActive in carrying out External Quality Assurance monitoring activities including access to premises, graduates, staff and associated documentation records.
  • Notify EuropeActive immediately in writing of any changes to the approval criteria noted within this application. In which case, EuropeActive are entitled, to modify, suspend or withdraw accreditation.
  • Take appropriate steps to ensure that it does not render EuropeActive unsuitable to continue its accreditation service to the European Standards, whether directly or indirectly, and whether by any act or omission.
  • Take all reasonable steps to identify and manage any potential conflicts of interest to avoid an Adverse Effect.
  • Take all reasonable steps to identify and manage any incident which could have an Adverse Effect on both the Training Provider and EuropeActive brand.
  • Retain an academic team with appropriate subject and technical competence to undertake the delivery, assessment and internal quality assurance of EuropeActive accredited disciplines.
  • Maintain sufficient financial resources to support the delivery and assessment of EuropeActive accredited disciplines.
  • Notify EuropeActive immediately if it becomes unable to pay its debts, ceases trading or commences a closure process
  • Take appropriate steps and ensure sufficient internal quality assurance occurs to prevent the occurrence of any malpractice or maladministration incidents.
  • Not sub contract any of its rights or responsibilities under the terms of accreditation to any third party without prior consent from EuropeActive.
  • Not make false claim or representation about their company, EuropeActive accreditation status or training/qualification and not to make any false statements or value judgments about any other training provider
  • Promote both EuropeActive and EREPS on their website, in promotional information and certificates of achievement, and to use the agreed logos and formats.
  • Be fair, honest and considerate to all candidates and potential learners and to display control, respect, dignity and professionalism.
  • Ensure graduates are fully informed and provided with the EuropeActive statement providing details of the code of practice, continued professional development and benefits of EREPS membership.
  • Maintain a responsible attitude to the care and safety of participants within the training environment and in planned activities ensuring that they are appropriate and meet the needs of participants.
  • At all times to have in place adequate and appropriate liability and indemnity insurance to protect participants from any legal liability arising.
  • Demonstrate a duty of care and to be aware of their working environment and to be able to deal with all reasonably foreseeable accidents and emergencies – and to protect themselves, their colleagues and participants.
  • Ensure due account is taken of an individual’s level of achievement and prior learning and to accept the level and status awarded by EREPS, and which should be deemed as acquired prior learning and experience.
  • Clarify in advance with participants the number of sessions and/or time commitments, together with all fees and charges, accepted methods of payment, and any other potential costs involved in their training programme.
  • Not smoke, drink alcohol or take recreational drugs before or whilst instructing or to ever advocate or condone the use of prohibited drugs or other banned performance enhancing substances.
  • Ensure that the activities and training programmes they advocate and direct are appropriate for the age, maturity, experience and ability of the participant(s).
  • Make sure all candidates are given a clear explanation of the learning outcomes of their training programme.
  • Promote the execution of safe and effective practice and plan all sessions so that they meet the learning outcomes and expectations of their candidates.
  • Not deliberately mislead candidates in the expected outcome from a piece of training and to ensure that EuropeActive standards, European Qualification Framework, EREPS status of registration are fully explained and detailed to help delegates in their choice of training solutions.
  • Act as an independent data controller for the personal data they process in the context of their activities.
  • Inform candidates/students in a transparent manner and in advance of the processing of their personal data in accordance with applicable data protection legislation and condition 2 of this Code of Practice.
  • Not send marketing e-mails to students or graduates without complying with the applicable data protection legislation.
  • Complete accreditation applications within 12 months of payment or reaccreditation applications by the deadline of the accreditation period.
  • Any applications which are declined by the EuropeActive Accreditation Panel within 12 months of payment will receive 50% refund on fees paid.

EuropeActive Accredited Training Providers are approved to use the EuropeActive Standards and EREPS logos provided upon successful accreditation. Training Providers are not agents, employees or franchises of EuropeActive. Training Providers business activities are independent and are neither owned nor operated by EuropeActive. Whilst EuropeActive establishes educational standards and supports best practice in training provision, it is not responsible for, nor does it have the right to control the operations and activities of the training provider but in adverse circumstances reserves the right to suspend, withdraw or decline accreditation.

Upon the date of application to EuropeActive to become an accredited Training Provider, the terms and conditions noted above within the Code of Practice will come into effect and become binding and enforceable to both the Training Provider and EuropeActive. EuropeActive reserve the right to refuse accreditation/re-accreditation to any centre deemed to be in breach of the above terms by the EuropeActive Accreditation Panel.

Condition 2 – the candidate/student agreement

Agreement by EuropeActive accredited training providers to register successful graduates onto the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS)


A key principle of the EuropeActive accreditation programme is that the training providers must register all a successful graduates onto the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS) with the status that they have achieved. This is a condition of accreditation.

Many training companies already advertise and promote this as an advantage of choosing their training programme(s) over competitors who do not have accreditation. The reason for this requirement is simple – it is to quickly build, at a European level, the number of working exercise professionals who have achieved the necessary skills to work in the sector. All members of EREPS are listed on the public register at with their status of registration. They can also add a personal statement and further information about themselves.

The Benefits of EREPS

The European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS) is an independent process for the registering of instructors, trainers and teachers working in the European health, fitness and physical activity sector. It is a pan-European system, based on independent national registers, which culminate in a central European database.

Through its quality assurance process the EREPS Programme recognises that exercise professionals are qualified to do their job and this gives consumers, employers and partners in medical professions the necessary level of confidence in their professionalism. The EREPS Programme provides the structure at a European level for the recognition of diplomas and certificates, and supports the increased mobility of workers.

Registration means that an exercise professional has met the agreed prescribed minimum standards of good practice, including the adoption of a Code of Ethical Practice and that they are committed to raising standards through a process of personal career professional development. EREPS is regulated by EuropeActive’s Professional Standards Committee through the accepted European Fitness Sector Qualification Framework (SQF) which is referenced to the European Qualification Framework (EQF). The standards used for EREPS have been developed through extensive consultation and define the knowledge, skills and competencies that an exercise professionals need to achieve registration.

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EREPS is a central platform in the professionalising of the sector and in developing its capacity to improve skills so that its members are better able to work with other professionals and especially with partners in the delivery of health-enhancing physical activity. The health and safety of consumers is of utmost concern and the qualifications required for registration have concise requirements for adherence. Members are issued with their own unique certificate of registration.

Some key points of the benefits of EREPS:

  • The European fitness industry needs to professionalise and to raise its standards
  • Great clubs need great staff and EREPS can help to direct future directions for skills needs
  • As the sector is moving quickly towards the health agenda it requires higher skilled exercise professionals and EREPS and the EuropeActive SQF encourage development
  • It is important to continually improve the fitness sector in the customer safety and experience it offers
  • Helps to stimulate the demand for training in the health and fitness sector across Europe
  • Promotes the (international) mobility of professionals and the labour pool of high quality exercise professionals.
  • Provides a career structure for lifelong learning and career professional development which helps to improve the chances of retaining staff in the industry and will help drive up overall standards
  • Improve business performance and the retention of technical skills
  • Increase the range of products and services available to consumers
  • Gives “protection of title” for exercise professionals
  • Provides a career structure
  • An independent resource centre for producing skills information for Governments, agencies, operators, etc.

The Commitment

A EuropeActive accredited training provider agrees to register all graduates who have successfully completed a training programme that gives entry to EREPS or which change their status – for example moving from EQF level 3 to EQF level 4.

The usual annual registration fee is just 30.00€, and many training companies add this fee to the course charge so it is fully recovered. When the provider is accredited EREPS will establish a process whereby personal details of successful candidates are sent for processing in an agreed Excel file template that is uploaded onto the EREPS database. The information required is, as follows, and the permission of each individual should be given for their personal details to be passed in this way:

  • Name of Training Organisation
  • Date of submission of candidates for registration
  • Salutation
  • Family Name
  • First Name
  • Middle Initials
  • Date of Birth
  • Male/Female
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone/mobile
  • Address line 1
  • Address line 2
  • City
  • State
  • Zip/post code
  • Qualification level 2,3,4
  • Context (e.g. fitness instructor, group fitness instructor)

Most training companies include a suitable statement when enrolling candidates that, depending on a successful outcome of their training programme, their details will be transferred to EREPS for the registration purposes only. EREPS does not disclose any personal information to any third party.

EREPS will issue an invoice to the training provider for the number of candidate returns.

When registered, each member receives a unique registration number which is prefixed by their country of first registration, with a certificate of registration and registration card. They can then add a personal statement and their contact details to the on-line directory. Within the training programmes, there is an expectation that the concept, purpose and importance of EREPS will be introduced, together with the importance of registration, abiding by its Code of Ethical Practice, and making sure that individual exercise professionals have adequate and appropriate liability insurance.

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Condition 3 – the use of EuropeActive standards and EREPS logos

It is a requirement for accredited training companies to use the EuropeActive standards and EREPS logos in an appropriate way and in accordance with our terms of use.

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