Training Providers Guide to Applying for EREPS Lifelong Learning Programme Approval
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This guide has been written to support training providers applying for approval under the EREPS Lifelong Learning Programme.

The online accreditation process is undertaken by specially selected independent external verifier(s) on behalf of EuropeActive. All additional communication with the independent verifiers further to the submission via the portal must be through email in order to generate an auditable trail, and the process is confidential between the applicant and the verifier.

Completing the online application form

When you first make an application, you will need to pay the relevant accreditation fees.

  • You must enter the following information about your course in the online application form:
  • The type of Lifelong Learning Programme – is your course delivered face to face with participants, via e-learning, distance learning materials, online webinars etc
  • The full title of your course (i.e., name of the organisation followed by the name of the course). The full title should be inserted in English and in the original language.
  • A short description of your course – i.e., you can insert the full original description, and a short description in English. This must be unique to your own course. Where applicable you must show evidence of student pre-requisite qualifications (e.g. gym instructor being the pre-requisite for specialised course in functional training).
  • Appropriate pre-requisite details for your course – your course must consider the existing skills, knowledge, understanding and recognised qualifications that a student would need in order to access and achieve your course. Clinically-related courses must be explicit in what the course achievement will allow the student to do (this should be clear in the learning outcomes). 
  • Learning Outcomes for your course – these are statements that describe what the student will know and be able to do reliably at the end of a course.
  • Country for delivery of your course – State which country it will be delivered in, if this is throughout Europe please state “Europe” when selecting from the dropdown menu.
  • Language for the course to be delivered in. If multiple languages please select accordingly from the dropdown menu.
  • Course assessment – it is expected that there will be a method of assessment for most courses to evaluate the students understanding and competence according to the learning outcomes. An explanation of the marking and determination of results for any assessment should be included here.
  • Course manuals/workbook - Examples of teaching and learning resources used to deliver the qualification e.g. student manuals, lists of course texts, example presentations, lesson plans, assessment materials, handouts or other materials should be included here.
  • Course Timetable -  Detailing the structure of your course and the delivery methods:
    • this can be a prospectus, syllabus, course timetable, course overview or other document
    • must enable the verifier to identify the overall structure of the qualification in terms of the number of hours of independent study required, the number of days of face-to-face and ‘live’ study training, the amount of time in classroom or practical settings and the overall duration of the course. 
  • A picture of the certificate issued on achievement of the course. This should include as a minimum Course Title, Date Achieved, Student Name, Your logo/branding and an Authentic Signature.
  • A link to the training providers website – this website should support all evidence in the application.
  • EuropeActive and EREPS provide full transparency on our accreditation, membership and lifelong learning programme services to allow our consumers the opportunity to fully understand the process of application prior to making payment. Once payment is received EuropeActive/EREPS reserves the right to charge for the administrative and verification required and cancellation is 100% charged or at the discretion of EuropeActive/EREPS.

Once the verifier has been able to make a final decision they will notify EuropeActive of their recommendation and you will receive an electronic certificate and LLP Logos.